Аnimated 3d video French Quarter 2
  • Тип проекта Аnimated 3d video
  • Дата 20171225
  • Местоположение Kiev, "bUd development"

In this project, the Atrium-DD team developed:

  • Completing the 3D model of the complex </ li>
  • 3D video </ li>
  • 3D Tour </ li>
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    The residential complex of business class French Quarter 2 – the flagship project in the portfolio of “bUd development”, to the maximum extent embodying the representation of modern citizens about a comfortable life in the metropolis.French Quarter 2 is the second stage of the project, even more thought out, interesting and full of interesting proposals.

    The first thing that attracts attention when we come to the French Quarter 2 is its isolation, and also its charming difference from the surrounding buildings. Nothing surprising, because the French Quarter 2 – a new and completely untypical for Kyiv microdistrict.

    The French Quarter-2 is famous not only for its convenient location and luxurious cultural infrastructure, but also for its unique living conditions. Here everything is at hand: fashionable shopping centers and restaurants, shops and bank branches, medical centers and beauty salons, children’s development centers, kindergartens, high schools and high schools.


    In Atrium-DD, we developed a 3D video using live images and the subsequent introduction of 3D scenes.


    3D-modeling, 3D-video, script development.

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