Create animated 3D videos for architecture and interior
3D-presentation is a graphic video series created from three-dimensional space. 3D presentation is a short film, developed according to your requirements and exclusive for you and your object, apartment building or complex. 3D-video presentation, in the modern world, the most effective way to accurately accurately teach information about your: future plans for construction, residential complexes, services offered, activities and achievements.
An animated video clip in 3D is one of the best selling tools because it presents your information in the best format for perception. Everyone knows how to make a presentation in Power Point, you will get at best a compiled description of your product with pictures, but such presentations are already almost all, and do not distinguish you among a large number of your competitors, but if you make a 3D video presentation of your project building a territory, a house, an architecture, a shopping center, step by step, present a diagram of your work, give figures and accompany everything with voice and text information, you will definitely be ahead of your customers and remember the customer or investor from the best side. You will immediately notice an increase in sales of your business.
3D-video presentation, created by Atrium-DD, will give you an excellent opportunity:
• To surprise customers or investors by showing a good 3D presentation;
• show a visual training course in video format;
• attract exhibition visitors to your stand with a colorful 3D presentation;
• Send a very effective offer to the client in the form of 3D-format videos;
Video presentation in 3D or 3D-video is much more effective than banners and ads in newspapers. Video 3D presentation is easy to use: it is possible to show on TV, put on the site as a selling advertisement, post on your pages in social networks, in stores, show at exhibitions etc.

Why is a 3D presentation necessary?
A good presentation in 3D will definitely improve your sales if you deliver it to your target customer, investor or partner. Video presentation will help to show clearly any object that has been just conceived and not yet built, will show a training course or an example of your service or action. You can in the shortest time explain to the client what you wanted to show him by forcing him to read his whole book or brochure. All this will be more visible and faster in perception than business cards or books.

The cost of 3D animated videos
The price of 3D animation depends on many factors. the complexity of working out the details and technical aspects of the project. 3D animation without effects showing the operation of technical devices, will cost less than more 3D 3D scenes, in which there are many details, modeling and atmosphere.
• Also, the length of the video will affect the final price of the 3D-video: in our company Atrium-DD you can order a 3D-video clip from 28u. for a second.
• The cost can be affected by the amount of information provided by the client, which can reduce the effort required to work on the scenario, create 3D models of buildings or interiors. Perhaps on the contrary, we will have to think everything over from scratch, develop a video clip script, simulate all objects, go to the site and conduct photo and video shooting.
• Urgency of the project can also affect the cost of work. Such things are negotiated individually and maybe the price will be more. it will be necessary to attract additional employees, work at night and buy a farm renderer to speed up the whole process.
Making 3D movies is a very complex and painstaking process, during which our visualizers use powerful computers and complex programs, which allows us to carry out projects of any complexity – commercials, 3D-video interiors, presentations of architectural objects and residential complexes.

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