We will make for you a dynamic presentation, interesting instructions, a short video catalog. Ideal for display at exhibitions, sales venues, presentations, Internet sites.
Promo video is a short information video that presents the company or the goods and services offered. Usually not limited in timing, but it is recommended not to exceed the size of a short film. This allows you to discard superfluous information and focus on the very essence – benefits and benefits.
A distinctive feature of the promo video on the Internet is the dialogicality in the interaction between the advertising company and the audience who viewed the video. Due to the fact that video advertising is often placed on popular video hosting sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, etc., the audience gets the opportunity to leave feedback and generate their own video rating. Representatives of the company receive in turn information on the number of viewing posts, geographic statistics – the place of residence of viewers, statistics of views by day. These data allow you to evaluate the effectiveness of advertising activities, give predictions about the conversion. Also, the popularity of video advertising on the Internet is due to the low price of placing a particular video.
The development of an effective promo video can be divided into several criteria:
By the way of execution:
• Shooting (staged) video or live recording
• Graphical video (computer 3D-graphics)
• Combined (graphic 3D-video with elements of “live” shooting)
By purpose (objective):
The main type of corporate video is a presentation film. The task of this type of video is to tell about the company, present the product or service to the viewer so as to show advantages. Shooting of this type of video is considered the most common (this is the kind of video that is chosen for initial acquaintance with the company, building a brand, which makes this type of video the most popular). In this type of video can be used as a “live” shooting, and computer graphics. The length of the presentation video is from 60 to 250 seconds (depending on the tasks and objectives).
The main components of the video
I would like to emphasize STYLE and QUALITY graphics, that the animation should not only be interesting, but also made with taste, because the trends in the sales market are exactly that.
The main goal of the video promo video is to sell, cause the desire for cooperation! To cope with the task: to educate, motivate, sell, and, ultimately, to bring profit to the company.
The video must solve a specific task.
Quite often there are such applications from customers, in which there is an idea, but there is no specific task. When customers say, “We need a new corporate video about the company,” we immediately ask the question: “Goal?” – this is the most important question before we start creating a video. Unfortunately, it often happens that the answer is usually quite vague.

There is also a downside, positive – quite often clients send applications already with a clear understanding of what mission the video should perform. And, as practice shows, when the customer knows the exact task – communication between the video studio and the client is simplified, and the result is several times higher.
Important aspects when creating a promo video
The target audience
Before ordering a promo video in Atrium-DD, you need to know who you are creating the video for – a guarantee that the result from the video will be. First: to know the target audience. The video “for all” is the result of “for no one”.
The viewer, after watching the video, should get a solution to his problem, which he was constantly looking for. Solve the problem of the viewer, who pursues him – and you will definitely get to the bull’s-eye.
If there is no question to which you will have to answer, then in the video there will be a shortage of the most important – lack of meaning. There is a direct difference between meaning (purpose) and motives. Reason: the anniversary of the company, the arrival of important guests, exhibitions. And the goal is: to increase sales
And in the end.
The viewer who will watch your video should be involved in what is happening.
Everything he wanted to know-he must know. When you finish watching the video, all the answers must be received. Know your customer as well as you could know yourself. Anticipate the questions of the target audience, answer them – the viewer will look through your video to the end, and you will achieve the required result!

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