Three-dimensional tour of the hotel – virtual tour
Recently, virtual rooms have been widely used for booking rooms. But you will agree, it is very difficult, and sometimes it is simply impossible to find a hotel for yourself if you look at monotonous and very similar prospectuses with photos. This problem concerns both managers of the hotel business and their potential clients. To solve this problem, advertisers also work, because their goal is to increase the popularity of their hotel, to distinguish it among many similar ones. Constantly solvable task that faces owners of hotels is a quick demonstration of possible guests of their hotel, despite the fact that they can be thousands of kilometers away from it. These are the main problems that have to be solved in the world of tourism.
Presence effect
The new Virtual Tour technology is ideal for solving this problem. This advertising technology allows you to transfer a three-dimensional image of any room, for example, a hotel room, a hall or a restaurant. Guests of your site will have the opportunity to inspect the room at 360 degrees, as if they are in your hotel. Sitting in front of the computer at home, your future client will be able to truly appreciate the comfort and style of the rooms, moving from one room to another.
Creating 3D-tours using Google Street View technology
In fact, the best that exists today in this regard is offered by Google. Namely – its “technology” Business View (it is used when creating 3d-tours by Atrium-DD photographers). In fact, this is a familiar way for us to view Street View. Only if Google Street View works on the street, then Business View – inside the premises.
Creating a 3d tour of the hotel for Google
Let’s talk about the very principle of “virtualization” of spaces. Creating a 3d round is a 360-degree 360-degree photo shoot followed by stitching photos into the photosphere and setting up links between them for easy navigation. Moving from one sphere to another, the user virtually “moves” in space. First of all, the captured photospheres are downloaded directly to the Google server. In addition, Google has its own panorama editor, with which the links are configured, the 3-D tours are “tied” to a specific point or business on Google Maps. Access to the editor and the binding service are not all.
Who can create 3d tours in Google?
Google several years ago launched a certification program for photographers, which recently became available to Ukrainian specialists. So you can download panoramas and do virtual tours in Google participants of this program. If the photographer or agency is certified, only they can work with these tools in full. In Ukraine, only three certified specialists with a full range of services from Google and one of them in Atrium-DD 
Differences between the usual 3d-tours for sites and the product from Google?
There are several differences and not all of them are significant. Among the most important, perhaps, there are three points:
1. Order a virtual tour for the site, and even with the placement in Google – means to give your potential customers the opportunity to see the interior of the institution at the stage of information retrieval on the Internet. To “dive” into a virtual space, you do not even need to visit the company’s website. All 3d tours participate in the search and are present on Google Maps, as they are “tied” to business cards in the Google My Business system. After the creation of the 3d-tour “tied” to the business in Google.
Order a virtual tour for posting on the site and in Google
By the way, you can put panoramas on your own site, and even in social networks. Integration with the code iframe is simple to obfuscation;) Moreover, you can simply share a link to a virtual tour, for example, in a letter or on a forum.
2. Why does the picture in virtual virtual tours move in the opposite direction from the mouse? Google does everything humanly. Where you click, go and “go.” In short, navigation is convenient and intuitive. Moreover, it is possible to “move around in space” in several ways. Created in technology Google Street View 3-tours work “from the mouse,” touching the screen of a mobile device or just arrows on the keyboard.
3. Prices for 3d tours, which are made for sites using Google technology, a minimum of 30-40 percent less than the cost of ordinary virtual “walks” to establishments.
Why to order a virtual tour using Google Street View technology is cheaper than usual? Just because some of the processes in Atrium-DD are automated. The creation of 3D tours in this case often does not require “manual” stitching of individual images into panoramas, you do not need to buy special software for setting navigation, etc. In addition, Google has certified special cameras for capturing photospheres in order to use them in Google Business View , and with their help everything happens even faster and easier. Naturally, the price is lower.
Realistic presentation of services – your all
In the modern business world, the “rule of 5 seconds” often works – 5 seconds, which are given to you to impress. By placing a virtual tour on the site, you will involve the client in an exciting game that will amaze the imagination of any person. Be sure that for at least a few minutes a visitor of your site will be enthusiastically traveling around the tour, which, no doubt, will interest him.
Thanks to the Virtual Tour in business, your company will deserve the reputation of a modern enterprise that uses the most innovative technologies. You can facilitate communication and mutual understanding with your potential clients and travel agencies. A person who has previously visited your hotel as a virtual guest, will never express discontent after visiting a real hotel.
To create a virtual tour, you do not need to make any special effort and a lot of time. Just a few weeks after the start of the project your hotel will be ready for posting on the site. A virtual tour, designed in the form of a presentation, can be transferred to travel agencies to present the hotel on the market.

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