Park Town
  • Type project Architectural 3D-visualization
  • Date 20180615
  • Location Kiev, BIG investment and building company

In this project, the Atrium-DD team developed:

  • 3D Model
  • 3D renderings

    Park Town surprises with its advantages: one of them will be a retail and entertainment complex located on the territory of the city with popular boutiques, a huge supermarket and a food court zone, which will allow residents to spend their leisure without leaving the complex. Also, a pleasant bonus for buyers of apartments will be a polyclinic and a swimming pool, which are located between 3 and 4 houses.

    The complex is located in the park area of ​​the suburbs of Kiev, and the nearest metro is only 15 minutes. Park Town is a unique project that differs from its competitors not only in the original design and materials, of which houses are built, but also with a huge park area right in the courtyard of the complex, and Park Town itself is surrounded by a park of 8 hectares.


    Atrium-DD has developed 3D-visualization to show the atmosphere of a residential complex, a unique recreation area from a bird’s eye view.


    3D-modeling, architectural 3D-visualization.

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