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3D-visualization is a process without which it is practically impossible today to manage a modern developer. Architectural 3D visualization is created in order to visually demonstrate to the investor or buyer of real estate what he buys and what he invests in the construction phase of the facility. Architectural visualization, performed in 3D, is a voluminous and realistic image of a residential complex with the adjacent territory, which is created due to certain computer technologies in which it is possible to develop 3D video, 3D animation film, 3D tour, 3D-layout of apartments or all floor. As a result of the formation and rendering of the design of the architectural project, with the help of the 3D program, realistic pictures of excellent quality and good resolution are obtained, so that they can be printed and demonstrated to the customer not only as part of the program project, but also placed on the Youtube channel, or use price tags in the price which are acceptable. As a rule, such important details as sizes, proportions, the form of submission and others are formed at the first stage of work with the customer, and are displayed in the technical task of the project. As for the source code, without which it is unlikely to be realized either in reality or in 3D, the client's imagined design, then any existing drawings, plans, the passport of buildings, the color scale of the facades of buildings, as well as the landscape design near the house territory will fit. 3D modeling of the LCD or other objects includes the creation of the geometry of the objects of the projected visualization. This stage in the creation of design in 3D is the very first. During the 3D-modeling each element of the created project is worked out very carefully and in detail. This process is considered very time-consuming and time-consuming. Here there is a real creativity, when the designer as an artist, only with the help of virtual instruments creates a realistic space, using the program 3D. At the moment when the simulation is complete you can more clearly imagine both the shape and the proportions and details of the future object. The next stage in the creation of 3D-visualization, the development of 3D-video, promorolls or 3D-tour on LCD is the use of materials. Here, the object begins to acquire such properties as color, pattern. At this stage, it is given both transparency and roughness, and the refractive index and even the reflectivity. It is worth noting that for each 3D model object, it creates its own material, because any project embodied by the program is unique and individual, and the materials in the program for each new visualization simply does not exist. This stage of interior design, like modeling, is lengthy in time, as it has certain complexities and peculiar nuances. The final process of visualization is rendering. It is at this stage that we begin to recreate the realistic lighting conditions of space in order to see how the modeled objects fit into the overall picture. Here the project does not hide from the experienced eye of the creator of visualization, if the latter has a certain taste and skill. The transformation of 3D models into an image also involves quite a lot of time and involves a number of computing powers. Here the miscalculation of just one static drawing can last several hours - rendering. Thus, having an understanding of each of the stages of 3D visualization of architectural objects across Ukraine, one can conclude that it is not so easy to create projects using computer graphics. Required here is the professionalism of the designer, and his creative abilities, as well as the availability of sufficient time to design the design of the object in 3D. However, if you take into account all these factors and treat the work of designers who create such projects carefully, then you will be able to get the transformation of thoughts into a visual image at the output, to anyone who turn to the services of 3D-visualization in Kiev, the price of which is quite acceptable in Atrium-DD.
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