Animated 3D video Altyn Shar
  • Type project Аnimated 3d video
  • Date 20160120
  • Location Astana, Shar-Kurylys LLP, Kazakhstan

In this project, the Atrium-DD team developed:

3D video

The Altyn Shar complex is located in front of the National Cardio-Surgical Center and the Center for Maternity and Childhood, in close proximity to the Khan-Shatyr Shopping Center, Fitness Palace. The first stage of construction of “Altyn Shar” includes three one-porch 23-storey residential houses of economy class. There are four one-room apartments available on one floor of the floor, allowing them to be chosen with a view on the Turan Ave. and with a view of the cozy courtyard. The windows of the two-room apartments look to the west, where from the middle and high floors of the houses one can admire the sunset. Two and three-room apartments are provided with two bathrooms. All apartments in the complex have glazed balconies / loggias.

Atrium-DD developed a budget 3D video.

3D-modeling and 3D-video, script, video production.

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