• Type project GREЕNWOOD 3D render
  • Date 20190129
  • Location Kyiv, Ukraine, GREЕNWOOD

In this project, the Atrium-DD team developed:

3D model
3D visualization

The location of the GREENWOOD house, which has everything you need for a rest after work and a comfortable life, is important.

Imagine how, at the end of an exhausting working day, you return home and fall asleep with the window open, breathing in the smell of coniferous forest after the rain. Or start the day with birds singing with a cup of aromatic coffee in your kitchen with a window overlooking the forest. Family bike rides on weekends. Barbecue with friends.


Atrium-DD developed a 3D visualization to show the atmosphere of the residential complex, the interior of the hall, including the winter version of a cozy courtyard and forest.


3D modeling, architectural 3D visualization.

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