Promo Video MK
  • Type project Аnimated promo video
  • Date 20180530
  • Location Kiev, HBC "Building Association 3"

In this project, the Atrium-DD team developed:

Promo video

Complex “Lovely apartments” is located in an ecologically clean area in the suburbs of Kiev. The uniqueness of the complex lies in its location: clean air, near the forest, lakes, and all this in the immediate vicinity of the center of the capital.

The residential complex “Lovely Apartments” is located in the picturesque village of Milaya, Kiev-Svyatoshinsky district. Here, in 15 minutes from the nearest metro, we build for you a quality, warm reliable and inexpensive housing, on the land purchased from the cooperative.

The cooperative of the housing and communal services “Building Association 3” has already commissioned and settled four houses, the construction of the fifth stage is actively underway, the project provides for the construction of four more houses and a kindergarten. Our houses are built with skillful hands made of red brick with observance of all construction norms. Modern layout of apartments will be to taste both practical and creative personalities!

In Atrium-DD have developed a short promo (20 seconds) with infographics and voice acting for showing on TV channels in prime time.

Promotional video, script.

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